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Whitewebbs Cattle Proposal

The proposal to graze cattle in Whitewebbs Park

Cattle proposal leaflet


Fox Lane and Bowes Road Low Traffic Neighbourhoods:

These two controversial “temporary” traffic management measures have just been made permanent despite high levels of opposition. In a recent letter to ETRA Bambos justified his stance by reference to the (London) Mayor’s Transport Strategy.  He provided the following two links:

Final presented document:

Fox Lane LTN Final Feb 2022 copy


Enfield Town proposed developments

ETRA is currently campaigning against the plans by Deutsche Bank to build tower blocks up to 26 storeys high in the Palace precinct and against several components of the proposed changes to road, bus and pavement layout in Enfield Town proposed by Enfield Council. If you go to our Consultations page you will find more details and links there.

Shared Space

We share the concerns of safety campaigners and groups representing blind people about the concept of shared space, where there is no differentiation between areas for use by pedestrians, cyclists or motor vehicles.

Various elements of shared space have been implemented in the Cycle Enfield scheme, which has been severely criticised by the leading charities for blind people the NFBUK and RNIB.

One of the most dangerous versions of shared space in the borough is the shared space (or ‘shared use’) bus boarder bus stops (where bus passengers and cyclists share the same area of pavement) and we have lobbied the government to end the use of this design.


Similarly, we continue to campaign to have the dreaded “orcas” (cycle lane separators) removed. These have been responsible for a large number of accidents and injuries to residents and to visitors from outside the borough, as these reports show:

Enfield resident – Report from the Enfield Independent

Barnet resident – Report from the Enfield Independent

Information gained by FOI request on incidents caused by bus boarders and orcas

Parks Events Strategy Review

We are also questioning the extent of use of the borough’s green spaces as entertainment venues, with the consequent damage and disruption caused by some large-scale events.

ETRA was a member of the group that reviewed the Enfield Park Events Strategy, where we raised the issue of the impact that large, badly managed events can have on residents. We have asked LBE to make sure that residents are given proper consideration in all future planning of park events.

The report of the review is currently awaited and we will publish it here when it becomes available.