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As one of London’s busiest hospitals, North Middlesex Hospital serves more than 350,000 people across a number of boroughs, including Enfield, Haringey and surrounding areas.

The hospital site was first established in 1842 when the Union Workhouse was built to serve the “poor” of Edmonton, Enfield and Hornsey.

With wonderful staff working tirelessly and caring for patients under immense pressure, local residents showed their thanks and gratitude through the weekly clapping for NHS staff and other key workers, which ran for 10 weeks during the first coronavirus lockdown, under the name ‘Clap for Our Carers.’


However, Enfield Council is planning to turn Bull Lane into an ACTIVE TRAVEL zone.
What is active travel you may ask?
I had no idea what this term meant, so I looked it up.
Active Travel is transport by cycling and walking.

Not a bad idea you may think.
Less or no cars on the road.
Less pollution.
Less noise.

However, would this REALLY be the case?
What about ambulances and other emergency vehicles?
What about the 4000 or so doctors, nurses and other staff members that work at the hospital?
What about the 1000 or so patients, relatives and carers that visit the hospital every day?

Hits S, West Edmonton:
“The problem is if people are ill or bringing relatives to the hospital, how do they get there. Cycle or walk? And remember, many people need to be accompanied to hospital because of language problems or if they are elderly, disabled or a child. The community needs to speak out.”

Steve K, Palmers Green North:
“Bulls Lane and the surrounding area is already very demanding.
Will this ill-thought of plan not create traffic congestion all around the hospital and the North Circular Road, but also hinder emergency access.”

Kathie Morley, Broomfield Park:
“This is scandalous that this scheme is being pushed through…Without a full and proper consultation.
No one truly knows the full impact, but reading between the lines:
Restricted access (camera = revenue for the council)
What about residents’ access?
What about essential workers who work late into the night?
Do they expect student nurses to bike it home at 2am?

Neil Littman, Winchmore Hill North:
“I am not exaggerating, but this literally could be a matter of life and death. I don’t think any risk assessment was carried out. I am going to speak to my local councillor about this, as this goes way beyond the normal traffic control issues.”

Shelia S, Palmers Green South:
“I don’t understand why this was not published by the Council to the wider community whose access to the hospital will be affected.’

Despo Dontas, Tottenhall:
No one who lives around there seems to have been informed of anything changing.”

Why has Enfield Council not consulted its constituents?
Why has Enfield Council decided to keep this important and far-reaching implementation, that will affect 1000s of people, a ‘secret’?
Why does Enfield Council want to implement it without a proper consultation with key stakeholders?

Is it because they don’t want any objections?
Is it because they know full well what the response will be?
Is it because they don’t care about their constituents?

So, they are trying to push it through on the quiet.
The North Middlesex Hospital LTN  is to be implemented by way of a ‘Permanent Traffic Order.’
OBJECTIONS to this traffic order have to be received by next Wednesday 27 October 2021.

QUOTE TG52/1483
You need to include your full name, address and postcode or they will not accept your objection.





You can find all of the current LBE consultations here.


The ETRA’s submission on the Draft Local Plan

ETRA submission on Draft Local Plan


Enfield Town Consultative Group

ETRA is a member of the Enfield Town Consultative Group which is currently considering ways of using funding from Transport for London to improve Enfield Town.

We have encourage residents to take part in this consultation. So far our members have taken part in ‘pop-up’ events and surveys aimed at exploring what people would like to see happen in the town centre.

You can find a summary of the events that have taken place here and the latest report from the research conducted here.

The consultation process is about to restart & recruitment is underway for a series of online workshops and residents are invited to take part.

As a result of the work LBE issued a set of proposals in October. We have concerns that the proposals include many features that will make the town centre far less accessible to those who are frail, disabled or blind. ETRA has submitted a list of its concerns, with many of our concerns also being raised by the National Federation of the Blind of the UK when they met with officers in early December.

We are therefore now waiting to hear the outcomes of the consultation.

Palace Square consultation

The second phase of the consultation on ‘Palace Square’ has now started. Some of you may already have received the email from the PR team. Here is the gist of it:

Delivering high quality homes in the heart of Enfield Town

As part of the redevelopment proposals for Palace Square it is proposed that around 500 high quality, Build to Rent homes be delivered in the heart of Enfield Town.

What is Build to Rent?

Build to Rent is a new way of delivering quality, affordable and private rented housing. It means that all of the flats being proposed in Palace Square will be for rent. They will be professionally managed, high quality and desirable, with secure, long-term tenancies, including a tenure blind mix of affordable and private homes.

There will be on-site maintenance support, a concierge and high speed wi-fi included as standard Alongside this will be communal facilities such as a games room and outdoor terracing, available for all residents to enjoy.  

You can find out more about our plans to deliver Build to Rent homes for Enfield residents in Palace Square by watching our video.

Please do let us know your thoughts on the proposed Build to Rent homes in Palace Square here.

Further information about our broader proposals for Palace Square is available at our website here.

Find out more


LBE Blue and Green Strategy consultation

Enfield Council has just started its consultation on its new ‘Blue and Green’ Strategy (water and open land). The consultation period opened on the 30th November and will remain open for six weeks; the draft Strategy document and consultation procedures have just been published and you can find all the details here.

The strategy sets out LBE’s proposals to protect, maintain and enhance Enfield’s network of blue and green assets – parks, rivers, lakes, gardens, woodlands, canals, wetlands, allotments, playing pitches, woodlands, “and much more”.

To give your comments, you can either register and complete the online survey, which will remain open until 5pm on 11 January 2021, or alternatively, you can send the completed form along with your contact details via email here or post to Strategic Planning and Design, Enfield Council, FREEPOST, NW5036, Enfield, EN1 3BR. A PDF of the form is also available to download from the web page.