Enfield Town Residents' Association


ETRA keeps an eye on planning applications submitted to Enfield Council which may impact our members.

Most of the local small-scale applications for domestic or single shop developments are highlighted in our weekly newsletter, along with the details of how to view their details on the council’s website.

Larger developments which are likely to have a greater impact will be featured here. Some schemes of interest at the moment are the Coliseum development on the B&Q site at Southbury Road and the proposals to build on the car parks serving London Underground stations in the borough.

While these developments are not in our immediate vicinity, they all have implications for amenities currently used by our members.

For larger developments there may be a consultation period when residents’ views are invited. We encourage our members to give their views when such matters potentially affect them. When we hear about relevant consultations we will publicise it on our Consultation page and will also notify members through our newsletter.

Current planning applications

There are no current planning applications live in the ETRA area. However, if you go to the Consultations tab, you will find information on the current proposals for 500 flats in the Palace Square development. It is not yet at planning stage but you have a chance to comment on the proposals.